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MBSA AGM Resolution

In the just concluded AGM of MBSA, I have been asked to report the following on behalf of the association:

  1. The president asked members to unite for the promotion of buddhism
  2. He also stressed on the association's support for sangha education. The excess fund from the sanghikadana had been mainly used to support sangha education.
  3. The following resolutions had been passed at the AGM:

Resolution passed at the Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association's AGM

  1. On the hotly debated issue of implementation of Hudud Islamic law, the Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association firmly rejects this. We also reject any suggestion that Malaysia is an Islamic state. When we gained independence, Malaya was undoubtedly a secular state. Our Constitution states this clearly. While striving for our nation’s independence, our founding fathers upheld the principle that Malaysia is a multiracial and multi-religious nation. We should not betray this standpoint of our forefathers when this country was brought into being.

    We appeal to the politicians to stop using racial and religious issues to divide the citizens. We stand firm to oppose all these irresponsible talks and actions. Let citizens of different faiths love their respective religion but learn to respect all other religions.

  3. The MBSA and MBKA (Malaysian Buddhist Kulapati Association) will work closely together for the promotion of Buddhist teachings and protection of Buddhism.




  1. 针对实行伊斯兰刑事法的课题,马来西亚佛教僧伽总会坚决反对实行伊斯兰刑事法。我们也否定马来西亚是一个伊斯兰教国的说法。马来亚建国时,毫无疑问的是一个世俗国 。宪法中也如此注明。各族和各宗教先贤们在争取国家独立时,秉持着一个原则,那就是马来西亚是一个多元种族、多元宗教的国家。我们不应该违背先贤们在建国时的立场。

    我们呼吁政治人物不要继续利用种族和宗教课题分裂国民的团结。我们必须表态,坚决否定这种不负责任的言论和动作。 让国民们在爱护自己个别宗教时也学习尊重其它的宗教。

  3. 马来西亚僧伽总将与马来西亚佛教居士总会在弘扬佛法和护持佛教的工作上保持密切的合作。

Persatuan Sangha Agama Buddha Malaysia
(Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association)
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No. 182, Burma Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.

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No. 132, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
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