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国际斋僧育僧大会 MBSA International Maha Sanghikadana 2017

日期 / Date: 02.07.2017

时间 / Time: 7:30am - 1:00pm

地点 / Venue: SMJK Phor Tay


Maha Sanghikadana is an important event well known among Buddhists of both the Theravada and Mahayana traditions. Once, Buddha asked his disciple, Venerable Maudgalyayana, to perform this meritorious deed on Ullambana Day in order to rescue his mother who was suffering in the hungry ghost realm. His mother was saved by his deed. Thus, many Buddhists follow Venerable Maudgalyayana's example by performing the Maha Sanghikadana to benefit their parents, both living and deceased.
In conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association (M.B.S.A.), the Working Committee usually organises a Maha Sanghikadana to make offerings to Sangha Members residing in Malaysia and other countries. The M.B.S.A. supports the education of the Sangha Members and provides medical assistance to deserving members. Proceeds from the M.B.S.A. International Maha Sanghikadana is channeled to the Educational and Medical Fund of M.B.S.A.
We are organising the M.B.S.A. International Maha Sanghikadana on 3rd July 2016 at SMJK Phor Tay, Penang. All are welcome to participate in this auspicious occasion. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

M.B.S.A. International Maha Sanghikadana

7.30am – 10.00am
Offering of rice in alms bowl

Pindapatta Alms Round (Offering of white rice supply by organiser only)

10.00am – 12.30pm

Offering of Candles Ceremony

Pali Chanting

Chanting of “Ullambana Sutra” & Noon Offering


Dharma Teaching

Transference of Merits

赞助方式Methods of Sponsorship
1. 斋僧总会首 Patron RM 2,000.00
2. 斋僧会首 Main Sponsor RM 1,000.00
3. 斋僧副会首 Co-sponsor RM 500.00
4. 斋僧护法 Sponsor RM 100.00
5. 普通赞助每份 Donation per share RM 20.00
6. 随喜赞助 Donation in any amount

All sponsors of RM500 and above will be invited to make offering of candle

All cheque / M.O. shall be crossed and payable to
Persatuan Sangha Agama Buddha Malaysia
c/o 132, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04-6414822; Fax: 04-6421896

Persatuan Sangha Agama Buddha Malaysia
(Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association)
Registered Address:
No. 182, Burma Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.

Secretariat Address:
No. 132, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-6414822, Fax: 604-6421896
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